Friday, December 22, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Since I'm probably not going to be posting again here soon I thought I'd take the opportunity to wish everyone a politically correct Merry Christmas RamaHanuKwanzMas!

I hope santa leaves you something...
...well, something good!


I also wanted to post this for an unsuspecting friend that I was thinking about when I saw this today.

Gorgar, 1979 Williams: $650.00
Clean machine. All boards are in great working order, playfield and
playfield parts are 9+, backglass 9.5+, cabinet 9, 100% functional. I've
never shipped pins, and would prefer local pickup. I would be willing to
meet somewhere agreeable. Pictures available if serious.
Bruce Clothier, Midland, Michigan


Until later.

Monday, December 11, 2006


I'm dizzy. Still trying to catch up...

I'm sick, and have been for a few days.

Check out my wife's blog, last couple posts... been a rough few days. Spending almost 36 hours at a hospital isn't the funnest thing I've ever done.

Today, though I didn't go, we're moving locations at work to a new building. I think they packed up my desk (or rather, the table that was used as a desk) and everything on it and moved it over for me. Glad I cleaned it up last week.

Nobody was nice enough to send me a gift in the mail. Thanks nobody!

Remember the monitor stand that I had replaced? Or rather, that they shipped me an exchange monitor, and I got a new one? Well, that was the original plan from the web ticket I got from samsung. I called 2 weeks later after hearing nothing, and they said they would cancel that and ship me a stand. Well.

Wednesday last week a monitor stand came in the mail. Yeah, 12 weeks after I called about it. I'm not impressed.

Good thing the guy messed up cancelling the monitor swap-out, otherwise I'd have been stuck using 1024x768 for an extra month.

Christmas shopping is almost complete. I have no secrets left form my wife regarding gifts -- she knows everything. I've done pretty well for birthdays, but I never can seem to surprise her for Christmas. Maybe because my budget is more flexible around June than December. But.... we're about done there. Oh, unless someone wants to come finish my basement for me? I'd love to have Santa do that!

My next thoughtful post has been started and stopped about 6 times now. Maybe next time I'll just start off the cuff and let it fly. At this rate I probably have about 3 people checking my blog with any regularity, and unless I want to start just sending emails, I'd better do something about this poor blog. =)

I hope you all are getting exactly what you want for Christmas, and that everyone has a great holiday lineup!

Until later.