Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Work has been interesting lately. Here's hoping that myself and our new department manager can turn our department around into a fun place to work again. We've made ever so small of a dent, but our new manager has the ear of the owner of the company. There are big plans. We'll see what happens.

I mention this because I read an article today that's probably more applicable to other jobs than the author wants to admit. It's an interesting read, though I think money and time are downplayed for the older, family oriented kinds of people.

Check it out.

On an unrelated note, we have an electrician coming in today to fix our basement wiring. Seems the sheetrock guys put a nail or screw through a wire somewhere. Of course they're not paying for it, but they may actually come in and patch up the hole for us.


More later.

Thursday, May 08, 2008


I've had a number of people bothering me to post. I suppose I had better do so to dispel the rumors that I'm dead or that I've quit blogging.

I keep almost getting to that elusive next post, but I have communication issues. So I can't seem to get the idea across in a blog message. I might cheat and put some audio up, we'll see what happens.

In the meantime.

I'm still a pinball nut. I'm going to have to buy this I think. The reviews look good and it's something I think both myself and our kids would like.

a list of tables include:

Black Knight
Space Shuttle
Jive Time

Should be a good time. I'll let you know how it goes. And regardless of that "next post" that is ever elusive, I should be back around here and there.

More later.